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The goal of our Safety Management Plan is to minimize the risk of critical crashes and accident frequency through safe practices developed and enforced by MNR Trucking; in order to develop and maintain sensitivity towards protecting human life through safe driving habits.

Applicant Screening
  • Interview by Operations and Safety
  • Background, Safety Performance and Motor Vehicle record investigation
  • Safety Knowledge and Attitude testing
Training/ Awareness

Orientation process for new hires and continuous training and communication for current drivers through periodic safety memos and safety briefings to address:

Hours of Service Regulations
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness and Federal testing regulations
Safety Attitude and Performance/Safe Practices
Equipment Inspection and Maintenance/Monthly Reporting
Rail Yard Safety
FMCSA-Comprehensive Safety Analysis
Medical Certification/Sleep Disorders

Recognition and Accountability

Annual Safety Recognition to drivers who are Accident, Moving Citation and Injury free, and for clean Roadside inspections perfomed by the DOT (levels 1,2 and 3).

Corrective Action process for drivers who are involved in accidents/injuries, receive moving citations, violations of Rail Yard rules or violations resulting from DOT roadside inspections.

Applicants are welcome to contact us:

By calling the office at 630-985-2900
Sending email
Faxing resume to: 630-985-2922